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Dental Receptionist Training TeacherThis site will provide you with all the knowledge to be prepare yourself for becoming a dental receptionist. If you just graduated high school or looking for a career change, can provide you with all the information you need. We have a directory for all of the United States and Canada with dental receptionist training clinics that are available. If a dental receptionist training program isn't available, on-the-job-training may be an option. On-the-job-training depends on the dental office as they may require formal training such as attending a dental receptionist school or they may hire you and train you while on the job.

Feel free to browse the site as we feature information about the dental receptionist job and duties, hourly pay and salaries, the latest press releases about the profession, and also the latest dental receptionist job openings at various dental practices.

Hopefully all of your answers will be answered here. Good luck in your pursuit of obtaining a dental receptionist job!


Dental Receptionist Job Description

Dental Receptionist Salaries

The dental receptionist or dental administrative position holds a very important role in any dental office setting. They set the character of the dental office as the dental receptionist is the first and last person the patient will see when they come to visit your dental office for care.

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Dental receptionist salaries vary depending on many circumstances. These include dental office location, year’s experience, and your resume, among other factors. Dental receptionist pay is something to really consider as you are thinking about a career change into this field.

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